The ARZ Building Rating System is designed to measure the extent to which existing commercial buildings in Lebanon are healthy, comfortable places for working, consuming the right amount of energy and water, while having a low impact upon the natural environment. In addition, the rating system will stimulate building owners and facility managers to achieve ever-higher certification levels to attract discerning tenants and clients.

A green building provides healthy living and working conditions with lower environmental impacts than a standard building. The goal of a green building is to minimize pollution and health hazards, optimize resource use and maximize the proportion of recycled materials used in its construction and throughout its life. A green building achieves this through energy efficient and environmentally sustainable construction practices by:
  • Using energy, water, materials and other scare resources efficiently
  • Applying efficient and renewable energy technologies, green roofs, etc
  • Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity
  • Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation

Green buildings are not new to Lebanon. Many sustainable technologies, such as natural ventilation, rain water collection and storage and the exploitation of thermal mass for cooling have been used for centuries in home building in the region. However, few of these traditional techniques are applied in the construction of modern commercial building and, in common with buildings across the globe, commercial buildings in Lebanon have become increasingly energy and resource intensive.

ARZ Building Rating System 


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