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Hiring an expert today will provide you with the possibility to obtain exact numbers regarding your project, whether you wish to hire one for certain criteria, certain module or modules, or the entire project, our experts are available to assist you in all your needs and requests regarding the evaluation and procedure.

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Suggested expert fees

A Building or project in its design or construction phase can hire one or several experts for the whole project.

One Expert can be hired for each specific criteria/module. In all cases, a minimum charge of four criteria is applicable.

LGBC suggests the below scheme for a typical building up to 2,000m2 of total built-up area.

Description Suggested fees (USD)
Per Criterion (Min. Charge Applies) 50
Minimum Charge 200
Site Module 500
Materials Module 350
Water module 350
Wellness module 500
Energy module 650
Whole project 2,000