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More than 100 criteria

More then 100 criteria

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More then 100 criteria

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ARZ 2.0 Process description



ARZ GBRS is all-inclusive regarding Building Sectors.
To be able to provide you with the possibility of attaining the full potential of your building in the benefits of going green and doing your part in our vision, we provide our service to:


  1. Offices
  2. Hotels
  3. Hospitals
  4. Malls
  5. Educational facilities
  6. Residential

Each building sector will be treated separately in a mixed-use project.



As well as the range of building sectors we provide our services to, we are also covering all statuses of the lifespan of a building.

To provide optimized comfort and accessibility through your project, ARZ GBRS will allow you to start the procedure of turning green at any point of the lifespan of a building.


  • Whether your building is in its Design Phase
  • Whether you decided to proceed through the Construction Phase
  • Whether the wish is to optimize or renovate your Existing Building


Our Rating System and Experts will assist you through all stages of your building lifespan.



The rating of your building starts with the criteria identification and validation within our 5 Modules representing the five elements of Nature.

Our First Module Site, representing Cosmos, the 1st element of Nature, is based on the space element of the site, the module focuses on the surrounding environment and cycles of nature around the building.

The Second Module Materials, representing Earth, the 2nd element of Nature, roams around the raw materials, their use, and their regenerating production which is mainly focused and dedicated to a circular economy, hence, benefiting from that raw material even after consumption.

Going on through materials and resources, Water, the Third Module, is a crucial resource to conserve, which we will preserve by focusing on many recycling and preservation techniques.

Our Fourth Module Wellness, representing Air, the 4th element of Nature, responds to the occupants’ wellbeing, by creating a healthy environment to work, visit and live.

Finally, our climate call will be answered through our Fifth Module Energy, representing Fire, the 5th element of Nature, targets a net-zero energy status by implementing energy conservation measures, using energy efficient equipment and integrating renewable energy systems.



After understanding the module and confirming that your building can benefit from our certification, now comes time for your online evaluation.


This evaluation could be run through by your staff while we advise, for optimal results, reaching out to our Experts to assist you through it.


The Online Evaluation will go through the procedure mentioned below:

  1. Describe each of the criteria per module.
  2. Grade each criterion per module.
  3. Weigh each criterion in the module.
  4. Grade each module, considering the covered criteria, grades, and weights.
  5. Weigh each module, considering the building application.
  6. Grade the building, considering the module’s grades and weights.
  7. Rate the building

After rating the building and going through the online evaluation, whether you are in the certification grade or not, you can contact us to reach out for the next step of your green certification, either it was for the optimization steps to certify, the certification itself or a bronze, silver, gold, platinum certification.

5. Do Better Page


  • Is your silver project a few grades away from the gold certification?
  • Are you a few grades away from being ARZ certified?
  • Find out which criteria have the biggest impact on your project grade and what tools and kits will boost your project into a greener perspective.