ARZ 2.0 What for?

ARZ 2.0 GBRS (Green Building Rating System) is a comprehensive assessment tool that:

  • Quantifies online the performance of buildings.
  • Offers bankable reports.
  • Offers reports to enhance the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of a business.
  • Is a friendly guide for the Architects and Engineers.
  • It is a one-stop source for Architecture and Engineering students.
  • Acts as a TPA (Third Party Assessor) for a fair and impartial building project evaluation.
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ARZ 2.0 Product mission

The LGBC product ARZ 2.0 GBRS purpose is to help community individuals:

  • To understand the basic requirements for a sustainable living in a sustainable environment using multiple means of communication.
  • To give guidelines for a proper building design that responds to above basic requirements.
  • To give guidelines how to construct above building respecting the basic requirements.
  • To assure safety and healthy space for the people who occupy the building.
  • To propose objective metrics to evaluate how much the building responds to sustainability requirements.

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