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Our Online Assessment is our support to your project or building to start your journey in the procedure of optimizing and certifying your building.

Whether you are here to invest in resources and energy for your building by going green or to do your part to contribute to the environment, you can find out your building rating and choose to proceed with the certification or only rate your building with the help of our experts or by yourself.

Assessment fees

The assessment fees vary according to the building status that the procedure begins with, the fees are dedicated to the expert efforts and certification process.

These fees are directly paid to the LGBC that will be in charge of settling the assessor’s dues.

DESCRIPTION Fixed Fees (LBP) Variable fees (LBP/m2) VALIDITY
Project Registration 15,000,000 N/A 1 Year
New Building Starting At:
Design Phase 90,000,000 7,500 2 Years
Then, Construction Phase N/A 7,500 3 Years
Then, Existing Building 60,000,000 12,000 4 Years
New Building Starting At:
Construction Phase 90,000,000 10,500 3 Years
Then, Existing Building 60,000,000 12,000 4 Years
Existing Building Starting At:
Existing Building 90,000,000 15,000 4 Years

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